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Workshop 6: 

Introduction into micriobial risk analysis for groundwater

Organisers: Jack Schijven and Harold Van Den Berg

Background: Groundwater needs to be protected against contamination so that the microbial quality of the collected groundwater does not exceed a health based target like the 1/10,000 persons/ year infection risk level. Protection is achieved by a sufficient distance between a contamination source and the production well (protection zone), allowing for pathogen removal by inactivation and attachment to the soil. QMRA needs to be conducted for identified contamination sources.

Workshop Objective: Introduction into microbial risk analysis for groundwater.

Workshop Agenda: 

1. Presentations:

Vulnerability assessment 

Decision tree 

Standard contamination scenario 


2. Hands-on exercises:

Protection zone calculation, simple approach + using computational tool 

QMRAwell QMRA for contamination within the protection zone using QMRAwell.

Attendants need to bring their laptops and have installed the freely provided Wolfram CDF Player and tool QMRAwell (from our website)

Download QMRAwell here

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