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Workshop 1: 

CLIMATE Change Impacts on Water Quality and Health

Organisers: Rosina Girones, Ricardo Santos, Ana Maria de Roda Husman and Anne Roiko

Background: The impacts of climate change on the availability and quality of freshwater are significant. The planetary weather and climate patterns are changing. The frequency of extreme weather conditions is expected to increase further, modifying the normal balance of water bodies, often leading to the degradation of water quality. These changes in water quality not only affect economic and social welfare but also the sustainability of vital environmental flows and global health.

Workshop Objective:  More scientific understanding is needed to address the current and projected  impacts of climate change, on the quality of the world’s freshwater resources and water management practices. The overall objective of the workshop is to review the most important identified areas of impacts of climate change on water quality and health, and to work on a priority list for prevention and mitigation strategies and research needs.

Workshop agenda:

1. Short presentations on:

Impact assessment models of climate change on water quality and health.

Emerging and reemerging water-related diseases

Climate-resilient water safety planning

Extreme events related with climate change and implications on infectious diseases

2. Round table and discussion on priorities for prevention and mitigation strategies and research needs

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