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Organisers: Andreas H Farnleitner, Katalin Demeter, Claudia Kolm and Joan Rose 

Background: Genetic methods, based on the detection of nucleic acids, have revolutionized Health-Related Water Microbiology research. Our systematic analysis has identified seven main application areas of genetic methods for faecal pollution analysis in water (Demeter et. al, FEMS Micr Rev, in revision). Given the consistency of methods and assessment types, the review suggests defining this emerging part of science as a new discipline: genetic faecal pollution diagnostics (GFPD). However, it is also clear that water utilities and government agencies still primarily rely on standardised, cultivation-based methods for water microbiology. Our next aim is to make a global assessment on how widespread is the use of genetic methods by water utilities and governments and to examine opportunities and barriers to their use and acceptance. The assessment will be done using a survey, and its results are planned to be presented during a workshop at the World Water Congress 2024 in Toronto, Canada.

Workshop Objective: In the first part of the workshop, participants will gain an overview of the main application areas of genetic faecal pollution diagnostics. In the second part, participants will be asked to test and improve the survey. The second part will be fully interactive using an online survey tool allowing online and on-site participants to provide input equally well. A panel discussion with questions from the audience will round up the workshop.

Workshop Agenda:

Online event: Claudia Kolm, KL Krems & TU Wien, Austria

(i)    Welcome – Joan Rose, Michigan State Univ., USA & Andreas Farnleitner, KL Krems & TU Wien, Austria

(ii)    Overview of application areas of GFPD 

a.      Overview of application areas – Katalin Demeter, TU Wien, Austria

b.      Pollution detection – Orin Shanks, USEPA, USA

c.       Multi-source microbial source tracking – Georg Reischer, TU Wien, Austria

d.      Risk assessment– Alexandria Boehm, Stanford University, USA

e.       Evaluation of treatment efficiency – Warish Ahmed, CSIRO, Australia

(iii)    Discussion of the survey using online tools Moderators: Orin Shanks & Katalin Demeter

(iv)    Panel discussion Moderator: Joan Rose. Panellists: Orin Shanks, Georg Reischer, Alexandria Boehm, Warish Ahmed, Andreas Farnleitner

(v)    Wrap-up – Joan Rose & Andreas Farnleitner

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