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Pasture: The Livestock Simulator

Meeting Room 1, Darwin Convention Centre
Open all day Friday, 17 March 2023

Salty Games is a local NT game development studio based in Darwin founded by Nathan and CJ. Inspired by the Industry that they and many Territorians hold near and dear, Nathan and CJ set out to build 'Pasture: The Livestock Simulator'. Pasture is an ‘Action’ Farming Simulator set in the Northern Territory of Australia. Pasture allows gamers from all over the world to experience the highs and lows of being a pastoralist, doing battle with the weather, the markets, and mother nature herself to come out on top as they build their Cattle Empire. Make no mistake, without the vigilant management of your property, your herd will escape, be predated upon, or perish. Clever management can cause your herd to flourish, your infrastructure to be sound, and your bank account to blossom. This sim lets nature take its course whether you are watching it or not. There are the old ways to do things, which you will be taught, but there is always new ground to be broken, and your innovation can mean the difference between boom and bust.

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