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ANZ Farm Tours & BBQ

A new addition to the Northern Australia Food Futures Conference this year is the Farm Tours and the BBQ.  There will be 4 different buses taking 4 different routes to visit 3 farms before heading to a BBQ at Arnhem Mangoes packing shed. Each bus will have a tour guide and an ANZ representative. Lunch will also be provided on the bus.

Bus 1: Berry Springs - Tour Guide: Greg Owens

Stop 1: Wayne Quach, Mangoes Berry Creek Packing Shed
Stop 2: Tou's Gardens, Mangoes
Stop 3: Ronnie Phou, Asian Vegetables and Herbs (drive by only)

Bus 2: Humpty Doo - Tour Guide: Han Siew

Stop 1: Han Siah Home Farm - Tropical Fruit, Mangoes, Green Mangoes, Pomelo & Durian
Stop 2: Pinata - Tropical Fruits, Bananas, Pineapples & Mangoes
Stop 3: Cahn Trinh - Green Mangoes & Asian Veg

Bus 3: Acacia Hills, Bees Creek - Tour Guide: Laura Cunningham

Stop 1: Marcus Karlsson - Dragon Fruit
Stop 2: Sue and David Black, Hay Farm (drive by only)
Stop 3: Martina Maetzer - Calypso Mangoes

Bus 4: Middle Point - Tour Guide: Aisla Connolly

Stop 1: Dan Richards, Humpty Doo Barr, Barramundi Aquaculture
Stop 2: Gavin and Lauren Howie, Turf Farm
Stop 3: Ruth & Dave McCormack, Melons

**If you didn't choose a tour during your registration process, you are still able to decide on the day based on availability.