Celebrating 40 Years of NTCA

Alice Springs Convention Centre | 20 - 23 March 2024

The Northern Territory Cattlemen's Association (NTCA) takes immense pride in presenting the premier annual event for the Northern Territory's cattle industry. With a rich history dating back to its inaugural meeting on 11 July 1984 in Tennant Creek, attended by notable figures including Grant Heaslip, John Underwood, John Mackenzie, Ian McBean, Trevor Schmidt, Chris Connellan, Cliff Emerson, Ken Warriner, Val Dyer, John Dyer and the Hon Ian Tuxworth MLA, the NTCA has been steadfast in supporting and promoting the interests of cattle producers in the region for many decades.

Alice Springs

In 2024, the NTCA Annual Conference returns, Alice Springs, where the cattle industry's roots run deep. Home to Undoolya Station, the first pastoral lease in the Northern Territory. Celebrating 152 years in 2024 Undoolya stands as a testament to the spirit of early settlers and their determination to thrive in the vast Australian Outback.Against the backdrop of Alice Springs' iconic red soil and thriving cattle industry, this conference is a tribute to the pioneers and innovators who have shaped the Northern Territory's cattle industry, a celebration of the unique heritage and spirit of the region.As the NTCA commemorates its 40th year, the 2024 Conference serves as a platform to reflect on the journey, embracing traditions and values that have defined the industry. The event brings together industry leaders, producers, stakeholders, and experts from across the nation. Attendees can anticipate a packed schedule over two days, featuring the NTCA Annual General Meeting, Welcome Drinks, Ladies Lunch, the prestigious NTCA Gala Dinner, and the much-anticipated race day.

Celebrating 40 Years

This significant milestone acknowledges 40 years of growth, resilience, and achievements within the Northern Territory's cattle industry. Over the years, the industry has overcome challenges, embraced opportunities, and fostered a sense of community. The conference provides a unique opportunity to reconnect, learn, and collaborate, discussing the latest trends, innovations, and strategies that will shape the future of the cattle industry.Join us at the NTCA Conference as we celebrate four decades of excellence, bringing together a community dedicated to the prosperity and sustainability of the Northern Territory's cattle industry.

Program of Events

Wednesday 20 March

NTCA & Gallagher Ladies Lunch

Georgina Pastoral Future NTCA Dinner

Thursday 21 March


NTCA AGM (Full Members Only)

NTCA & Pioneer Water Tanks Welcome Drinks

Friday 22 March

NTCA Conference Day 2

NTCA & AACo Gala Dinner

Saturday 23 March

Race Day

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