The biennial Northern Australia Food Futures Conference, organised by NT Farmers Association, is now in its fourth year. The conference was established to promote the development of agriculture across northern Australia and to raise the profile of northern region at a national level. 

The Conference plays an important role in showcasing the opportunities of the north, influencing policy creation and attracting investment to the area. 

The events focus on agriculture in the northern regions of Western Australia, the Northern Territory and Queensland. Established and emerging agricultural sectors in the north are showcased and promoted at the conferences. 

The theme for Food Futures 2021 is Development and the Environment. A diverse range of presentations and workshops will be held with the objective of enhancing the development approvals process. The event will seek to:

  • Improve two way dialogue between industry and environmental groups
  • Improve industry’s understanding of environmental issues and impacts
  • Identify environmental and regulatory trends that will affect the industry
  • Inform industry and government on potential improvements/changes to the approvals process

The Food Futures program features a wide range of industry leaders and high profile stakeholders. Organisations such as the National Farmers Federation, Cotton Australia, Hort Innovation, CSIRO and Agrifutures have all participated in the conferences. Typically, over 50 speakers including successful farmers, traditional owners, environmental activists, Ministers and scientists deliver unique insights into the industry. 

Attendees and sponsors report extremely high levels of satisfaction with the conference, most of whom attend subsequent Food Futures events. The Conference has won a national award from Meeting and Events Australia in 2017 and was awarded the national Conference of the Year. 

The NT Farmers Association also run the successful Food Futures Roadshows that are held on alternate years to the conference. The roadshows are an opportunity to share conference insights, provide business networking opportunities and to attract investment to regional areas. We hope you can join us at the 2021 Northern Australia Food Futures Conference in Darwin from the 17th to 20th of May.

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