World Federation Neuroscience Nurses - WFNN

The World Federation of Neuroscience Nurses (WFNN) is an international neuroscience nursing organization dedicated to the promotion and development of neuroscience nursing worldwide. The mission of the WFNN is to encourage and facilitate interaction amongst neuroscience nurses to aid, exchange and disseminate nursing knowledge. 

The WFNN is dedicated to improving and fostering the highest nursing standards, encourage nursing research and the development of expertise across all levels of neuroscience nursing.

Activities of the WFNN include facilitating the World Congress every 4 years, development of educational materials for nursing and to highlight and support local and international conferences. 

Australasian Neuroscience Nurses Association - ANNA

The Australasian Neuroscience Nurses Association (ANNA), as the peak body for neuroscience nurses in Australasia, facilitates and fosters the advancement of neuroscience nursing thus enabling optimal patient centred care. 

ANNA is a member of the WFNN and is hosting the Darwin Congress with WFNN.

Selecting the Host Association:

The Host Association (city & venue) is selected from nominations submitted to the WFNN Executive Committee and Board of Directors at the end of each Quadrennial Congress. The prospective candidates’ National Associations present their venue bid 5 years before the Congress takes place.

The Association bidding for selection should include in their submission: 

  • Why the WFNN should host there - Executive Summary 
  • Backing from the National Association 
  • City location – climate, maps, tourism activities 
  • Proposed venues 
  • Access - Transport & connections. Ensure that the venue is well connected with the airport, city center, services etc. 
  • Accommodation & services – capacity, size of rooms, location, range of options 
  • Fees for the delegates 
  • Detailed & realistic budget plan 
  • Detailed & realistic sponsorship plan 
  • Strength of the Host Association – previous meetings, relationship with the Congress Bureau etc. 
  • Conclusion

Nominations are to be submitted to the WFNN Executive Committee 6-12 months prior to the Quadrennial Congress. The announcement of the Host City will be incorporated into the Closing Ceremony and the WFNN Flag will be handed over to the Host Association. A reserve venue will also be identified.